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Permian (ready to move)

Male, 25 years

Citizenship: Russia

Work experience

Total flight hours: 150 hours

3 years 3 months

September 2011 — December 2014

Без опыта работы, после училища

Let L-410 & L-420   (flying hours: PIC 50 hours; co-pilot 100 hours)

СЛУ ГА (ГА), Сасово

Licenses and certificates




2019 г.

УВАУ ГА(и), Ульяновск

Faculty Фбфо

Specialization Аэронавигация. Эксплуатация летательных аппаратов

Secondary special education

2014 г.

СЛУ ГА, Сасово

Faculty Эксплуатация вс

Specialization Пилот

Courses and trainings

2,5 месяца

End date: March 2015

ICAO level 4

Center of fast English, г. Москва

Knowledge of foreign

English (Technical/Special)

Computer knowledge:

Advanced user

Driver licence:

Categories B (2013 г.)

 Key skills and achievements:

Знание английского

 Your hobbies:

Теннис(оба вида)

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